Professor Nicholas Schofield, Director UNSW-GWI

Professor Nicholas SchofieldProfessor Nick Schofield is very well known in the water industry in Australia and internationally, having held numerous leadership roles in academia, government, industry, consulting and the non-profit sector. Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and networks to the UNSW-GWI.

Originally qualifying with a BSc (Hons) in Physics from Imperial College, London, and a D. Phil in Astrophysics from the University of York, Nick 'converted' to water with a Post-doctoral Fellowship in catchment hydrology at the University of Leeds. His first academic appointment was as Lecturer and Research Fellow at Curtin University before he was appointed leader of the Joint Government-Alcoa Bauxite Mining Water Resources Research Program. Nick went on to lead Hydrology and Land Use Research at the Water Authority of Western Australia completing seminal work on the understanding of stream and land salinisation and its remediation, estuarine eutrophication, and water resource impacts of forest silviculture and mining.

Nick went on to lead the Western Australian Water Resources Council, initiating the State Salinity Strategy and releasing the first guide on Water Sensitive Urban Design. Nick subsequently moved to Land and Water Australia in Canberra where he established and led ten National Research and Development Programs, pioneering new national endeavours such as river health assessment, environmental flows, pesticide best management practices, irrigation water use efficiency and futures techniques in landscape design.

As a Principal Consultant with SKM, notable achievements included developing Australia's Multiple Land Use Policy, Malaysia's 2050 MegaScience Strategy and New Zealand's business strategy to capitalise on the indirect impacts of climate change. Nick's most recent assignment has been as CEO of the International RiverFoundation where he expanded the portfolio to manage the annual International Riversymposium, extended the Riverprize and Twinning program globally, launched 'Women in Rivers' and established the Emerging Water Professionals Program.

Contact Professor Nicholas Schofield via email or on +61 2 9385 5097.