MaryLouise McLaws

Professor of Epidemiology in Healthcare Infection and Infectious Diseases Control
Public Health & Community Med.
Contact details:
9313 6185

Mary-Louise is a renowned infection control expert. She undertook the seminal Australian survey of healthcare associated infections in 1984 and develop the first surveillance system for healthcare associated infections as a pilot in 1998-2001 for the NSW Health Department. In her capacity as World Health Organization Advisor she worked with China and Malaysia to advise on the development of their surveillance systems. In response to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak she collaborated with Beijing to review the outbreak and with the Hong Kong SARS designated hospital to review reasons for healthcare workers acquiring SARS. On behalf of the Department of Health and Ageing Mary-Louise reviewed the evidence of the Pandemic Influenza Infection Control guidelines for the protection of healthcare workers.She has assisted the European Commission Pandemic Planning. As Honorary Advisor to the Clinical Excellence Commission she has collaborated on several state-wide patient safety interventions including: improving hand hygiene in healthcare care workers, reducing central line associated bloodstream infections and detecting and treating sepsis early in patients presenting to emergency departments.  She capacity builds infection control programs and research in Cambodia, Viet Nam, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey and was epidemiology advisor for 9 years to the World Health Organization Clean Care is Safer Care challenge.  

• Deputy President Academic Board 
• UNSW Institutional Biosafety Committee
• UNSW Global Water Institute leader for Water-Health


• Academic Board Professorial member

• Vice-Chancellor's Childcare Support Fund for Women Researchers
• Faculty Higher Degrees Committee
• Faculty Research Student Sub Committee
• Director School Research Degree Students
• Director Public Health Program
• Director Graduate Health Services Management Hong Kong Programs