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On 23 July, the World Heritage Committee controversially decided against listing the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger” - despite UNESCO recommending this course of action in June. Prior to...
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The UNSW Water Research Laboratory (WRL) is fast increasing its activities and expertise in the field of offshore marine renewables. WRL Principal Engineer Dr Francois Flocard, an expert in the...
When a natural disaster like a significant flood strikes, affected regions and cities are thrown into sudden turmoil. At a time when people want nothing more than to check up...

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Research centres and expertise

Research centres and expertise

Research centres

The Institute draws on the expertise of UNSW research centres and facilities to bring a truly multi-disciplinary approach.


Our expertise is grouped into seven broad categories containing a total of 25 key capabilities.

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About us

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UNSW-GWI's Director.

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