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Following decades of on-ground engineering experience creating intertidal wetlands, UNSW Sydney’s A/Professor Will Glamore, Dr Valentin Heimhuber and Jamie Ruprecht of the UNSW Water Research Laboratory (WRL) have been invited...
NSW Circular is a NSW government-funded Innovation Network created by the Office of NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and hosted by UNSW Sydney. It has recently launched a Circular Challenge...
Niall Earle believes that all engineers could benefit from a course in Humanitarian Engineering , saying that it offers current and future engineers a new way of seeing the world.This...

Research centres and expertise

Research centres and expertise

Research centres

The Institute draws on the expertise of UNSW research centres and facilities to bring a truly multi-disciplinary approach.


Our expertise is grouped into seven broad categories containing a total of 25 key capabilities.

About us

About us

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