About us

The UNSW Global Water Institute (UNSW-GWI) is a world leader in water research, innovation and problem solving. The Institute is a truly multi-disciplinary venture. Drawing on water expertise from seven faculties and 13 specialist centres across the University we have created the Nation’s most advanced water knowledge hub. 

Clean water is essential for all life on our planet, but global water issues have never been so prominent, and the demand for solutions never so high. Our research activities span an incredible variety of water-related fields but our researchers have one thing in common: they are driven by the urgent need to protect this essential resource in perpetuity. 

Solving global water issues together

As a driving force of education and practical research, UNSW-GWI is actively seeking long-lasting alliances with national and international organisations, government agencies, other research providers, development banks, NGOs, communities and our partners in the corporate world on projects related to:

  • Water scarcity and access to good quality water
  • Water and wastewater treatment and sanitation
  • Coastal and estuarine management
  • Arresting the rapid loss of aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem decline
  • Public health and social science
  • Adapting to the effects of climate change
  • More efficient irrigation to meet the growing demand for food
  • Sourcing renewable hydropower sustainably
  • Education and capacity building
  • Smart policy, robust governance and resilient institutions
Who we are
The UNSW Global Water Institute (UNSW-GWI) is a multi-disciplinary powerhouse comprising over 400 researchers, professional staff and PhD students from right across UNSW. .. More
Why we exist
In addition to providing excellence in water education, the UNSW-GWI primarily exists to forge strong connections between the water-related research expertise and facilities at UNSW and provide direct access to this expertise and facilities for our external partners. .. More
Our strategic plan
To be a world leading centre for research, capacity building and sharing of water knowledge, technologies and expertise, informing and connecting research to smart water policy and management, and facilitating sustainable outcomes from water use... More