Why connect with us?

The UNSW-GWI has come to fruition at a most important time in human history where water issues are foremost on the minds of politicians, economists, industries, communities and within the science community.

With a membership of over 400 researchers, professional staff and PhD candidates spanning seven faculties and a dozen research centres, the Institute’s campus-wide reach is unparalleled.

We offer a truly inter-disciplinary approach to the complex challenges and opportunities facing water and related sectors worldwide and work with hundreds of industry partners, from small start-ups to the world’s largest corporations.

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Our strength is our scope, which is exceptionally broad. From cutting-edge innovations to practical evidence-based support for policy development. From the frontiers of nanotechnology and biotechnology - to best practice engineering design and much more in between.

Our expertise is grouped into seven broad categories containing a total of 40 key capabilities. You can learn more about these below or by downloading our Capability Statement.

If you are interested in discussing a water related issue, problem, or simply have a question please contact us and we’ll find the most appropriate expert to get back to you.

Water and wastewater management
Water and wastewater management is a significant area of focus for many of our researchers and a highly topical global issue... More
Water resource management and climate change
Water resource management and climate change are highly relevant challenges facing today’s societies and natural environments across the globe. .. More
UNSW’s Water Research Laboratory (WRL) is considered the birthplace of coastal engineering in Australia. .. More
Aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity
Aquatic biodiversity is the rich and wonderful variety of plants and animals that live in watery habitats... More
Public health
Seeking to investigate and understand the role of water from public health perspectives brings considerable relevance and depth to the GWI. .. More
Social science
Exploring interactions between water and social science enables effective solutions to critical human issues... More
How a society chooses to govern their water resources has a profound impact on peoples’ livelihoods and the overall sustainability of water resources. Improving water governance is essential to alleviating poverty and building resilient and sustainable communities. .. More
Industry specialisations
Water research has a long and dignified history at UNSW, with many academic/industry relationships and partnerships spanning many years. .. More