2018 water PhD graduates impress

UNSW held its first graduation ceremony of 2018 from 12-22 June, and an impressive 27 students graduated with PhDs in water-related research.Ariel Shammay, Ademir Prata Junior, Fiona Johnson, Lucy Marshall, Syed Aby Ahoaib, Yating Tang, Seokhyeon Kim, Ruth Fisher, Dipayan Choudhury, Richard Stuetz

Professor Greg Leslie, Acting Director of the UNSW Global Water Institute, said that he is continually impressed by both the breadth and quality of the research being undertaken.

“As our Institute spans many faculties and centres, I am fortunate enough to be exposed to many diverse and inspiring research projects,” said Prof Leslie.

“This year’s PhD graduates are doing remarkable things in so many fields, from civil and environmental engineering to geology to microbiology and immunology.”



Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ademir Abdala Prata Junior: Analysis of methods for estimating the emission rate of odorous compounds from passive liquid surfaces
Syed Abu Shoaib: The relative importance and characteristics of uncertainty in hydrology
Dipayan Choudhury: CMIP5 decadal predictions: implications for Australian hydrology
Zheyuan Du: Mapping Earth surface deformation using new time series satellite radar interferometry
Ruth Margaret Fisher: Influence of biosolids processing on the production of odorous emissions at wastewater treatment plants
Seokhyeon Kim: Improvements and applications of satellite-derived soil moisture data for flood forecasting
Dongxu Li: The behaviour and design of demountable connections to promote the reduction and reuse of structural steel in steel and composite buildings
Neeraj Saxena: Modelling the effect of the number of stop-&-gos on the route choice behaviour of car drivers
Ariel Tal Shammay: Foul air contaminant removal in sewer odour control systems
Yingying Sun: Iron-mediated oxidant production under conditions relevant to both natural aquatic and neurological environments
Yating Tang: Prior information and multi-objective analysis in Bayesian Ecohydrological Modeling
Yang Zhang:  Understanding wildfire patterns in the south-eastern Australia
Chao Jiang: Mechanism and kinetics of ferrous iron oxidation and ferric iron reduction in simulated natural waters: Impact of light and pH
Phillip John Watson: Improved techniques to estimate mean sea level, velocity and acceleration from long ocean water level time series to augment sea level (and climate change) research
Jannatun Nahar: Characterising climate model bias: An insight into bias nonstationarity and spatial dependence in hydroclimatic simulations.
Matthew Sean Phillips: Wave-driven recovery of sandy beaches following storm erosion
Joshua Andrew Simmons: Improved model calibration techniques for predicting coastal storm erosion

Prof David Waite with Chao Jiang, PhD Graduate

Geomatic Engineering
Qingxiang Liu: Coastal change monitoring with multispectral satellite images

Aravind Ramachandran: Exoelectrogenic microbial communities in waste-water treatment samples: a bioelectro- analytical study

Tianzhe Liu: Heterologous expression of cyanobacterial natural products in Escherichia coli

Chemical Engineering
Keng Han Tng: Mechanical failures in potable reuse plants: Component and system reliability considerations
Valeria Ingrith Almeida Lima: In-situ desalination with novel membranes for climate resilient irrigation
Narasinga Rao Hanumanth Rao: Elucidation of the underlying mechanisms governing algae and cyanobacteria separation using the PosiDAF process

Built Environment
Parisa Pakzad: Cities within gardens: an indicator-based model for assessing sustainability performance of urban green infrastructure

Eliza Bryan: A multi-scale investigation of an island groundwater resource under a drying climate using isotopic techniques
Mohammadreza Keshavarzi: Assessing Hydraulic Connection and Dissolved Organic Matter in a Karst Landscape: Wellington, Australia

Microbiology and Immunology
Marwan Majzoub: Characterisation of the marine bacterium Phaeobacter inhibens: diversification, competition and surface colonisation

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