GWI joins Asia-Pacific Water Forum 22nd Governing Council meeting

Prof Greg Leslie, Acting Director of UNSW Global Water Institute, took part in the 22nd Governing Council Meeting of the Asia Pacific Water Forum (APWF) in Singapore on Thursday, 12 July.

During the meeting, participants representing water organisations from all over the Asia-Pacific discussed the strategy for the Asia Pacific Water Forum over the next three years. After reviewing the outcomes of the third Asia Pacific Water Forum and the  8th World Water Forum, and discussing international trends and regional initiatives, meeting participants decided on the goals for the APWF for the next three years.

These included the main thematic priorities and approaches for the event, target audiences for knowledge sharing and policy proposals, the contributions each organisation could make to achieve the goals as a part of the collaborative APWF network, and their expectations from working collaboratively as a part of the APWF Network. 

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