UNSW Global Water Institute - WASAG Member

GWI joins the Global Framework on Water Security in Agriculture

The UNSW Global Water Institute (GWI) has  recently joined the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture in a changing climate (WASAG) Partnership, hosted by the Land andTorkil Jønch Clausen (WASAG Steering Committee Chair / International Water Advisor), Tom Soo (UNSW GWI IAC member), Andrew Dansie (GWI Program Manager), Olcay Unver (FAO Land and Water Deputy Director / WASAG SC member Water Division of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). 

WASAG has been designed to bring together key players across the globe and across sectors to tackle the collective challenge of using water better in agriculture to ensure food security for all. It is an initiative for partners from all fields and backgrounds to collaborate in supporting countries and stakeholders in their commitments and plans related to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Paris Climate Agreement (including implementing nationally determined contributions) and other plans and programmes related to agriculture and water.

In its role as a WASAG member, GWI will contribute to the work of the WASAG Partnership by offering expertise in agricultural, potable and environmental water scarcity; climate change adaptation; irrigation efficiency, water and wastewater sanitation; education and capacity building; and working in partnerships to inform smart policy, robust governance and resilient institutions.

During World Water Week in Stockholm, Dr Andrew Dansie, GWI Program Manager, and Mr Tom Soo, GWI International Advisory Committee member, had the opportunity to attend the WASAG Steering Committee meeting as an observer, and meet WASAG representatives including Torkil Jønch Clausen, WASAG Steering Committee Chair and International Water Advisor, and Olcay Unver, FAO Land and Water Deputy Director and WASAG Steering Committee member.

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