GWI partnering with global water policy experts

UNSW-GWI is connecting its expert researchers with leading water policy practitioners through the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Water Policy Group (WPG). Together, the partners will support and advance each other’s agendas to promote sustainable and equitable water stewardship.

The partnership was established in response to the fact that every country in the world faces great challenges in achieving the sustainable and equitable use of water resources by 2030, as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals. It is imperative that all public and private sector organisations and institutions that are active across fresh and marine water resources find ways to work together, with cooperation and collaboration key to identify and deliver appropriate technical knowhow and good government water policies.

UNSW-GWI and WPG are joining forces to better connect cutting-edge water research to innovative water policy. Under the new partnership, UNSW-GWI will provide logistical support for WPG activities and WPG will connect UNSW-GWI members into broader water policy networks and activities.

WPG was established in 2018, and is a global network of water sector experts who have been decision makers and trusted advisers within governments and international bodies handling complex water policy and strategy. The members of the group have had direct experience in working with complex water policy issues, and share a common goal that their knowledge, networks and experience can help achieve the sustainable development of water resource to serve the public interest. 

Speaking on behalf of WPG, Mr Tony Slatyer said, “Water issues are intrinsically complex and cannot be solved without people working together. The support being provided by UNSW-GWI will enable our members to maximise our services and outreach globally. In turn, we look forward to assisting UNSW-GWI to engage in water policy at the global level.”

Professor Greg Leslie, Director of UNSW-GWI, remarked that the new partnership will provide unique insight to how water policy is developed and informed by research.

“This exciting development will provide new opportunities for academics and postgraduate students working across all the faculties and centres active in fresh water and marine research to better connect research to smart water policy and management,” said Prof Leslie.

Over the next 12 months the partnership will co-deliver suite of seminars, podcasts, surveys and policy documents on the most vexing of challenges associated with the sustainable and equitable use of water resources.

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