High profile speakers gear up for upcoming EF4 Conference

The program for the fourth Energy Future Conference (EF4) is now available, consisting of a series of presentations and sessions focusing on "Emerging Technologies across Hydrogen Value Chain”. A number of high profile speakers are scheduled to share experiences and insights throughout the three-day hybrid event.

Dr Cathy Foley, Australian Chief Scientist, is scheduled to give the opening talk on the first day of the conference. Her address will be followed by a plenary presentation on artificial photosynthesis using powdered photocatalyst materials, with the middle of the day split into breakout sessions on hydrogen generation, hydrogen carriers and hydrogen storage. The formal proceedings wrap up with a second plenary session on a personal perspective into the catalysts for hydrogen production. To conclude the opening day, early career researchers and higher degree research students will share posters showcasing their findings through a virtual networking event.

Day two begins with two plenary speakers discussing different aspects of solar driven hydrogen generation. Subsequent breakout sessions cover hydrogen generation, hydrogen application, green energy and hydrogen transitions and the final plenary session covers FeTi-based intermetallic compounds for large-scale stationary hydrogen storage. At the end of day two, UNSW-GWI is sponsoring the award of a poster prize; the ‘UNSW-GWI prize for translation research to enable the development of a sustainable and equitable hydrogen economy’.

The final day of EF4 is the industry day. It will open with an address by Dr Alan Finkel, Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology. He will discuss aspects of Australian Government policies and programs, some recent analysis on the merit of blue vs green hydrogen and the importance of robust certification scheme for an effective hydrogen value chain. Two consecutive sessions will follow featuring industry and government speakers  covering the unanticipated problems in the hydrogen (including the challenges and opportunities for treatment of water for hydrogen production) and the unanticipated problems in hydrogen project development. The conference will conclude with a HySupply panel discussion on exploring opportunities for renewable hydrogen export from Australia to Germany

The hybrid event is being held on 18 - 22 October 2021. Registrations can be made online through the EF4 website.

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