Israeli water experts visit UNSW-GWI

UNSW-GWI recently hosted an Israeli delegation during their ten-day visit to Australia. The delegation included Professor Noam Weisbrod, Director of the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR) L-R: Shimon Tal, Ian Sanders (NSW DPI), Martin Andersen, Noam Weisbrod, Greg Leslie.and Shimon Tal, former Water Commissioner and current founder and CEO of Content – Consulting & Enterprise Ltd, a private company involved in Water and Sanitation and clean energy activities connected to climate change adaptation.

With water scarcity a shared issue in both Israel and Australia, the delegation met with multiple water stakeholders in Sydney, Orange, Canberra and Griffith, where they learnt about Australia’s approach to managing water.

Prof Weisbrod and Mr Tal visited UNSW’s Kensington campus on 17 January, where they met with Prof Greg Leslie, UNSW-GWI Director, and Dr Martin Andersen, Associate Professor with UNSW’s Water Research Laboratory and School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Together, the group discussed comparisons between water management in Israel and Australia, possible areas for cooperation, understanding surface water-groundwater connectivity and how flow measurement technology could improve the function of Australian water markets.

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