NSW Circular launches funding opportunities for NSW universities

NSW Circular is a NSW government-funded Innovation Network created by the Office of NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and hosted by UNSW Sydney. It has recently launched a Circular Challenge Funding Scheme and Rapid Review Research Funding to harness the capabilities of NSW universities to address critical circular economy challenges.

The Circular Challenge Funding Scheme is open to all NSW universities and research organisations. The fund of $600,000 will be used to support one or more collaborative iconic projects that will enable the delivery of circularity in, and scaling of, critical supply chains identified by the work of NSW Circular—which are currently Hospital Plastics, Solar Panels, Textiles, e-Waste and Organics. Leveraged cash and in-kind support is required, along with collaboration with at least one other NSW university. The UNSW internal closing date for funding applications is 12 November and the external closing date is 26 November.

The Rapid Review Research Funding will contribute to NSW Circular’s work in setting out the evidence – state of play, opportunities and next steps – on priority topics to advance the circular economy in NSW. NSW Circular is funding four Rapid Reviews to address circular challenges aligning with their taskforces on Finance & Investment, Industry, NSW Government, and Precincts & Infrastructure. Selected research teams will receive $17,000 in funding. The industry challenge closes on 4 October and the precincts challenge closes on 3 November.

For more information, visit the NSW Circular website.

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