UNSW Climate Scientist comments on Great Barrier Reef

On 23 July, the World Heritage Committee controversially decided against listing the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger” - despite UNESCO recommending this course of action in June.
Prior to this decision being made, UNSW Climate Scientist Professor Matthew England spoke to 2SER Breakfast Producer Sophie Ma about the reef and the lobbying effort by the Australian Government to delay the World Heritage Committee's decision.

Matt said this week that he was disappointed by the decision not to list the Great Barrier Reef as endangered, pointing out that there has been decades of research demonstrating the reef’s vulnerability to global warming.  

“Coral reefs have very specific temperature ranges in which they can survive. Global warming is pushing ocean temperatures beyond these thresholds and as a result the reef is endangered. The sooner this is recognised at the highest levels of government, the better”. 

Listen to Matt's 19 July radio interview on 2SER.

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