UNSW green technologies helping to shape sustainable Sponge Cities in China

On 16 July, Professor Ana Deletic, as the leader of the WaterGUM group at School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the representative of Sponge City project team at Sino-Australia Centre on Sponge City, signed a MOU with Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) and Chongchuan District People’s Government, Nantong, China.

Following this MOU signing, the three parties will jointly establish Jiangsu Sponge City technology research institute in China, which will conduct academic, research and technology implementation activities in the area of urban stormwater management, from pollution control to flood mitigation.

This will allow the research and development of Australian Sponge City blue-green technologies and tools, with their transformation and industrialization in Jiangsu Province over the next three years. This effort will be supported by JITRI and Chongchuan District, with the research support provided by WaterGUM group at UNSW.

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