UNSW-GWI experts design solutions at Sydney Water Innovation Festival

UNSW-GWI was a bronze sponsor of the Sydney Water Innovation Festival on 18-21 October, 2021. A series of design sprints formed the core of the Festival – with each sprint targeting one of six key innovation themes: Aboriginal Voice, Circular Economy, Water Security, Smart Cities, Liveability and Customer Experience.

Professor Stuart Khan from the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering helped to launch the Water Security and Liveability sprints by providing leading discussions on related topics. On water security, he spoke about developing a source control program for potable reuse and on liveability, his presentation focused on providing a Sydney Harbour swimmability opportunity at Barangaroo.

Research Associate James Hayes from the UNSW Water Research Centre participated in the Customer Experience design sprint, working with a team to create a prototype for a product that would create a sense of safety, belonging, and connection for people who use Sydney Water’s products and services

Over five days, the structure of the sprint aligned with five key parts of the design process: understanding the problem, identifying solutions, making decisions, prototyping, and testing.

Ultimately, the customer experience team demonstrated a smartphone application that informed its users of water saving measures, water quality, as well as provide two way communication with Sydney Water.


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