UNSW joins Working with Water workshop

Researchers from the UNSW Global Water Institute (GWI)  participated in the 'Working with Water' workshop, held at University of Sydney on 18-19 January. The workshop was hosted by the Housing for Health Incubator with support from the Sydney Environment Institute (University of Sydney) and GWI.Participants immersing themselves in the interactions of water and infrastructure on the campus of the University of Sydney. Image: Liam Grealy.

The humanities-oriented workshop focused on collaborative and community-engaged methodologies for both water researchers and practitioners.

The first day of the workshop brought together academics, professionals, and practitioners to think about and experiment with ways to engage both water and water communities. During the morning session, participants designed community-led initiatives for integrating flood mitigation infrastructure in unused urban land in New Orleans. The afternoon session saw participants immersing themselves in infrastructure and water by exploring Sydney University and surrounding streets as a team of ethnographers. The varying perspectives of the participants were then discussed to develop a hypothetical collaborative research project.

The second and final day of the workshop concluded with a demonstration of the methodologies of walkshopping, field guides and field workshop to explore human-water interactions on a walking journey from Glebe back to the University of Sydney.


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