World Water Day 2022: Focus on Groundwater

On the 14th of March, UNSW Sydney fourth year and postgraduate engineering students embarked on a 3-day field trip to Wellington, NSW, to get hands-on experience in groundwater investigations. In this video, our future water leaders explain their initial thoughts about groundwater, their discoveries through fieldwork and the importance of managing groundwater sustainably.


Groundwater courses available at UNSW

The UNSW Connected Waters Initiative is a multidisciplinary initiative between the UNSW Faculties of Science, Law, Arts and Social Sciences and Engineering. Focused on undertaking world-leading research, the Initiative advances knowledge of groundwater processes to create solutions that provide effective water supply management for communities, agriculture and mining - while improving social equity and sustainable environmental outcomes.

The following list provides a guide to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework available at UNSW that is relevant to CWI's focus areas. These courses are offered by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the School of Minerals & Energy Resources Engineering, the School of Law and the School of Humanities and Languages.


CVEN3501: Water Resource Engineering  |  CVEN4503 Groundwater Resource Investigation  | GEOS3733: Environmental Geophysics (also available as GEOS6733)  | GEOS2291: Earth’s Interconnections  | GEOS3721: Australian Soil Use and Management  | CVEN4800: Satellite Remote Sensing and Applications  | LAWS3361: Environmental Law | LAWS9801: Aspects of Environmental Policy and Law  | LAWS8069: Natural Resources Law  | PTRL4010: Integrated Oil and Gas Field Evaluation  |  ARTS1240: Environment and Society  | ARTS3241: Environmental Justice  |  ARTS2240: Environment, Sustainability and Development  |  ARTS2243: Waste and Society 


JURD7369: Natural Resources Law  | JURD7361: Environmental Law  | CVEN9630: Groundwater Hydrology and Resources Analysis | CVENHT: Water Engineering: catchments to coasts (5341)  | CVENIT: Water Engineering: catchments to coasts (8338) | PTRL5107: Petrophysics  


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