Research centres

UNSW-GWI is founded on the University’s long history of excellence in water and water related research and its application to industry and policy. The Institute draws on the expertise of the following UNSW research centres and facilities to bring a truly multi-disciplinary approach to the complex challenges and opportunities facing water and related sectors worldwide.

Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices
The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices is internationally recognised by both government and industry as an authority in sustainable mining practices education and research. .. More
Centre for Ecosystem Science
The Centre for Ecosystem Science has a strong focus on promoting the viability of wetlands, rivers and marine ecosystems primarily through understanding ecosystem function and developing conservation solutions... More
Centre for Marine Bio-innovation
The Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation is focused on the emerging field of holobiont biology and ecology, which explores the role that interactions between microorganisms and higher eukaryotes play in the function and health of host organisms and ecosystems... More
City Futures Research Centre
The City Futures Research Centre is a national leader in scholarly applied urban research. Research at the Centre spans the interrelated areas of urban planning, housing, health and well-being, design, urban development and social policy. .. More
Climate Change Research Centre
The multi-disciplinary Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) has expertise in the key areas of Earth's climate, including atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial processes. CCRC researchers apply basic scientific principles to pressing questions on climate dynamics, global climate change, and extremes of weather and climate... More
Connected Waters Initiative
The Connected Waters Initiative research centre undertakes the fundamental and applied research needed to improve our understanding of groundwater systems both nationally and internationally... More
Environmental Humanities group
The Environmental Humanities group is a recognised leader in interdisciplinary research that addresses contemporary environmental challenges in ways that are historically, philosophically and culturally informed. .. More
Evolution and Ecology Research Centre
The Evolution and Ecology Research Centre provides a cohesive and cooperative environment for the University's effort in evolution and ecology research and research training... More
Sino-Australian Research Centre for Coastal Management
The multi-disciplinary Sino-Australian Research Centre for Coastal Management has expertise in research and research training in observing and modelling hydrodynamics, sediment transport and biochemical processes in coastal environments... More
UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology
The UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology (UCMST) is one of the only four UNESCO Science Centres worldwide. UCMST's research ranges from fundamental material development and characterisation, to more applied module and system design, and process operation and control... More
Water Research Centre
The Water Research Centre at UNSW is a multi-disciplinary research centre with a 65-year history of leading Australian water research within a holistic international perspective of water, from catchment to ocean and beyond... More
Water Research Laboratory
UNSW’s Water Research Laboratory (WRL) is a leading international research and consulting laboratory that can best be described as an expert problem solver in engineering relating to water, the coast, the environment and groundwater. .. More