Technical Tour

 Wednesday 6 July, 2022  |  Departure time TBC. 

Join us for a one-day tour of the Western Treatment Plant operated by Melbourne Water- a shining example of an environmentally-friendly sewage treatment and community facility just minutes from Melbourne city.  

The Western Treatment Plant treats half of Melbourne’s sewage, using a series of large ponds to allow sewage to flow slowly through anaerobic and aerobic lagoons. Learn all about the energy-smart process that was the first in the state of Victoria to produce Class A recycled water and produces Class C water in 30 to 35 days. The site also includes a research facility incorporating two, 250m2 high rate algal ponds for tertiary treatment of wastewater. The facility also has the capability to recover CO2 from the biogas derived from wastewater and used for electricity generation by an on-site power station. 

The site of the Western Treatment plant takes up almost 100 square kilometres, but only a relatively small section is dedicated to the waste treatment facility. On this tour, you’ll also explore the site’s vast natural habitat that is home to nearly 300 bird species and learn about its historical, cultural and environmental significance. 

Click to read more about Western Treatment Plant or watch the video here.

 Western Treatment Plant. Image credit: Melbourne Water

 Western Treatment Plant. Image credit: Melbourne Water.