Welcome to WPAT22


We are excited to invite you to attend, either virtually or in-person, the 13th IWA Specialist Conference in Wastewater Ponds and Algal Technologies, 3-6 July 2022 (WPAT22), which will be hosted in Melbourne, Australia, only a few hours drive from the spectacular Great Ocean Road and some of the best wine regions.

This event follows the very successful IWALGAE 2019, which combined for the first time the 12th IWA Specialist conference on Wastewater Ponds and 2nd IWA Conference on Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery where we enjoyed the tapas and beautiful architecture in Valledolid, Spain.

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, WPAT22 will be delivered in hybrid mode as we take advantage of the latest technological advances that have become mainstream due to our rapid switch to remote working. We hope our virtual option also benefits those who may not be able to travel for other reasons, like family responsibilities. Whichever option works for you, we will endeavour to bring you a schedule full of exciting innovations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. 

For those able to be with us in Melbourne, there will also be the possibility to travel to Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant, a 110 square kilometre sewage treatment plant treating 50% of Melbourne’s sewage and producing 40,000 ML of recycled water/year, while also recognised as a Ramsar site.

So, along with the rest of the Organising Committee, we encourage you to get those conference papers ready as we look forward to welcoming you to WPAT22.

A/Prof Rita Henderson, Chair of the WPAT 22 Organising Committee


The IWA Specialist Group in Wastewater Pond and Algal Technologies is aimed at promoting new advances in the use of pond systems and algal bioprocesses for wastewater treatment in both industrialised and developing countries. Our work has a distinctive focus on the provision of sustainable sanitation solutions, reduction of public health risks, environmental protection, and resource recovery to support a circular bio-economy.

Since our first conference (Lisbon, 1987), this Specialist Group has pioneered the development of wastewater pond systems by revealing the fundamental principles controlling the transformation and removal of pollutants, and by delivering several technical innovations in the utilisation of ponds around the world. New designs, new process variants and new opportunities have emerged around the formerly simple concept of wastewater stabilization ponds.

More recently, growing interest in the use of wastewater for the cultivation of microalgae and the production of high-value products has led to a new vibrant community within our Specialist Group, which has been fundamental in the consolidation of this topic and the organisation of two previous conferences on Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery (Delft, 2017; Valladolid, 2019).

The 13th IWA Specialist Conference in Wastewater Ponds and Algal Technologies (WPAT22) is our next stop in this journey and on behalf of our Specialist Group, I am very pleased to invite you all to join us virtually or in person in Melbourne, 2022.

A/Prof Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero, Chair IWA Specialist Group in Wastewater Pond and Algal Technologies


IWALGAE 2019 represented a milestone in the field of microalgae-based wastewater treatment. The conference was held in Valladolid in July 2019 and brought together 274 scientists and engineers from all around the planet. The event successfully attracted researchers from the algae field and researchers from the wastewater treatment field that in the past years started exploring the potential of microalgae in bioremediation of wastewater and CO2 capture.

The conference showed a significant number of advances in the field derived from the application of molecular tools, computational fluid dynamics, advanced instrumental analysis, along with new photobioreactor configuration and innovative valorization methods for the algal-bacterial biomass. IWALGAE 2019 also developed an active social agenda (including a Tapas tour and a Gala Dinner in a medieval Art Museum) to promote the interaction between the traditional world of algae cultivation and newcomers from the wastewater treatment fields, which ended up in a fantastic site visit organized by AQUALIA to its full scale High Rate Algal Ponds in Cadiz (Spain). 

Based on the success of IWALGAE 2019, I strongly recommend researchers in this field to attend the Conference "Wastewater Ponds and Algal Technologies" in Melbourne in 2022.

A/Prof Raul Munoz, Previous Chair, IWALGAE 2019